Friday, June 5, 2009

The Sims 3

I have to say that I'm not very impressed with what I've seen of The Sims 3 so far. I don't have it, and I haven't played it (I'd have to buy a new computer to do so, and that's an expense I can't afford right now). But I have seen things online. A few Sims have been popping up in the creator forums at MTS. They all look much the same to me; their faces look slightly bloated, as if they're retaining water. I've yet to see a Sims 3 Sim whose face didn't look chubby. I question if there's as much customization as there is in The Sims 2... and, if not, what was the point?

The reviews on aren't very impressive, either. Complaints range from slow gameplay (a "being able to do your laundry while you wait for your Sim to wake up" kind of slow) to crashing computers to game features that just don't work (and that result in your favourite Sims moving out of the neighbourhood while your back was turned).

People like playing god. I think that's part of why The Sims 2 was so wildly popular. If these early reviews of The Sims 3 are any indication, the newest offering in the Sims franchise is not going to do as well as the last.

Would I buy it if I had a new computer that could handle it? Probably not. At least, not until there are some good tools for creating custom content (meshes, textures, etc.). Even then, I don't know if I would bother. It would probably mean learning how to do everything from scratch all over again... and it took me long enough to get the hang of creating things for TS2!


Anonymous said...

Sims 3 Doesn't look nearly as good as ts2. The graphics don't look much better and so at the moment the sims 3 seems like a waste of £35

R. said...

I have to agree with the comment by Anon. For me it seems that TS3 is behind other games as far as gameplay and graphics go. Even though Game Informer gave it a 9 and made it PC Game of the Month. I honestly believe they were paid for that though by EA.