Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ahh... Memories... and Favourites...

I was looking through some of my older uploads and I found the first mesh that I ever made. It's pretty simple (I did a lot more work on the texture than I did on the mesh), but it was still quite an accomplishment. Before I started, I remember reading through the meshing tutorials, getting frustrated just looking at the instructions... and when I finally tried my hand at meshing, I ended up feeling very stupid because I couldn't grasp it right away.

Of course, there were some hiccups during some of my first attempts.

I actually prefer meshing to straight recolouring now... even if it has made me a bit lazy in the texturing department (it's sometimes easier to make a new mesh than to try to make a texture fit on an existing mesh). Here are some of my favourites that have gotten buried (thanks to my prolificity):

Ruffled Separates for Girls

Nighty-Night Nighty Collection

MUGs and Tees for Boys

Gelato Collection for Girls

Flower Jumpers with Boots

Fleece Pajamas for Kids

Candy-Coloured Trenchcoats for Girls

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