Sunday, May 5, 2013

This is obviously the result of boredom and hunger...

No, I won't be releasing this one.  It was more an experiment than anything else.  It looks awful when the Sim is standing with her hands at her sides, and her butt pokes through the cupcake wrapper when she bends over (the limitations of Windows 7 mean that I can't easily fiddle around with the mesh's bones, so fixing it would take way too long).

It makes me laugh when I look at it, though.  Sometimes Sims just need to be silly.


Sofy said...

I love this outfit, actually. It'd make an awesome Halloween costume. If I new anything about bone assignments, I'd offer to help; but alas, I am talentless in that area. :(

In any case, the thought of a cupcake child!sim is awesome. <3

Autumn said...

Haha, super adorable! :D