Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Whew! All done!

I finally finished and submitted my main entry for the Creator Challenge at MTS2. It feels good to get that project out of my hair. I think I spent longer on that one than I did on any of my other Sim clothing... with the possible exception of my Back-to-School Collection for Kids. This set I just completed wasn't quite that big... but it did have twenty separate pieces on four new meshes.

I was looking at this post recently and it struck me how many uploads I've submitted to MTS2. There are seventy-five different uploads of various size; some have one dress, while others have a whole set of items. But... seventy-five uploads? Wow. That really makes it look like I have no life, or that I do nothing but make Sim clothes. In reality, it doesn't seem like I've spent that much time being a clothier of small Sims... but the numbers don't lie.

I think maybe I should take a break for a while and let my Sims enjoy what they already have. They're so spoiled...

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